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MeadowLea® has been part of Australian and New Zealand families since 1939, and many of us have fond memories of growing up with MeadowLea®. Today it remains one of the most popular margarine spreads.

MeadowLea® has always held the belief that good, simple food should come from nature. It's in these fields that every tub of MeadowLea® begins its journey. We believe in supporting local Farmers, so we proudly source only non-genetically modified Australian grown canola seeds. We harvest and crush these seeds to create a deliciously smooth and tasty spread.

The values of family health and nurturing are central to MeadowLea®'s philosophy. Its iconic "You Ought to be Congratulated" campaign is instilled in generations of mums. These values still hold true today. That's why 99% of the ingredients in MeadowLea® are from natural sources. Every tub of MeadowLea® is made from over 70,000 natural seeds, has no artificial colours and flavours and contains 65% less saturated fat than butter.

Over the years, the MeadowLea® range has developed to meet changing consumer needs. Today it provides a selection of product sizes and is available in a range varieties including:

  • Buttery
  • Original
  • Salt Reduced
  • Canola
  • Light
  • Skinny
  • MeadowLea® HeartPlus - Buttery, Original & Light
  • MeadowLea® Cook & Bake - Original, Unsalted

Health Facts

  • Made from Natural Plant Seeds
  • Heart Foundation Tick of Approval (except MeadowLea® Cook & Bake)
  • Made with cholesterol free canola and sunflower seed oils
  • No artificial flavours or colours
  • A natural source of essential Omega 3 from Australian grown canola seeds


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