Goodman Fielder Supports Certified Sustainable Palm Oil

Our purpose at Goodman Fielder is to ‘create food that people love’ and we understand this means more than just a great taste.  Goodman Fielder strives to identify and minimise the potential impacts on communities and the environment from sourcing our ingredients.  We share community concerns about the impacts of deforestation and we strive to identify and eliminate deforestation in our supply chain, including from the sourcing of palm oil derived ingredients.

We support the production of sustainable palm oil and are a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).  Goodman Fielder commenced purchasing Green Palm certificates in September 2010 ( and made a commitment to cover all palm oil used in the company’s Australian and New Zealand retail branded products with a Green Palm certificate by 2015.

Following a review in 2013, we committed to sourcing certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) for all Goodman Fielder branded products in Australia and New Zealand using the mass balance supply chain model.  As highlighted below, we have made significant progress towards this goal and continue to work with all our suppliers and manufacturing partners to achieve a complete transition.

Update on progress towards our sustainable palm oil goal:

  • All Goodman Fielder manufacturing sites in Australia and New Zealand that use palm oil- derived ingredients have achieved RSPO Supply Chain Certification.
  • All palm oil purchased by our external manufacturer(s) to produce spreads and bakery fats for Goodman Fielder in Australia and New Zealand has been mass balance CSPO since January 2014 (this represents over 90% of the palm oil used by Goodman Fielder across Australia and New Zealand).
  • The palm oil derived ingredients used in our factories to make fresh baked products across Australia were also switched to mass balance certification in 2014.  Our New Zealand supplier has switched their ingredient supply and is expecting to finalise their certification in early 2015.
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